Optimizing Salicornia Production Through Different Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) as Part of Integrated Agri-Aquaculture System (IAAS)

This study is conducted as part of ICBA’s long-term research on integrated agri-aquaculture systems which make it possible to grow fish, vegetables and halophytic crops in a circular and sustainable way. Salicornia is a halophytic plant which can be irrigated with reject brine from desalination units and seawater and used for food, feed, and biofuel production. The study aims to:

  1. Test different types of RAS for reject brine use efficiency and overall productivity;
  2. Explore the reduction of the use of reject brine in the integrated agri-aquaculture system;
  3. Investigate the uptake of salt and other nutrients by Salicornia to reduce disposal to the environment.