Growth and yield responses of barley and cowpea to irrigation management in salt-affected environment: A coupled experimental modelling approach


  1. Optimize irrigation management for barley and cowpea in a marginal environment affected by salinity
  2. Determine the impact of deficit irrigation and salinity stress on the growth and yield of barley and cowpea
  3. Calibrate and evaluate process-based crop models using field data
  4. Determine the long-term effects of irrigating with saline water on soil salinity using the calibrated model under historical/future weather scenarios

Project Details

Sowing date: December 2021, December 2022


  • No. of Trials : 2 (Barley and cowpea)
  • Experimental design of each trial : Strip plot design in RCBD
  • Vertical factors (A) : three salinity levels (Fresh, 6 dS/m, 12 dS/m)
  • Horizontal factors (B) : three irrigation levels (100% ET, 80% ET, 60% ET)
  • Replicates: 3