Performance of rice varieties under varying salinity and irrigation systems


  • Comparative performance of rice varieties under control and saline environment
  • Estimate the water requirement for rice with different irrigation methods
  • Asses the adaptability of rice varieties to the UAE environment

Summary of experimental design and treatments

Experimental Design: Strip-split plot with 3 reps

  • Horizontal factor: Irrigation System (IRRI): Three (1-Flooded, 2- surface drip, 3-Sub-surface drip)
  • Vertical Factor: Water quality: SALT1- Freshwater; SALT2- 6 dS/m
  • Subplot factor: Varieties (VAR): Two (V1-BR 61, V2-IRRI154)

Date of sowing: 18 September 2021

Date of treatment: 24 October 2021