Productivity, Water and Energy Use Efficiency of Protected Agriculture in Arid Regions

Project Team

Dr. Hicham Fatnassi in partnership with AgroTech Co. Ltd. and GreenPlus Co. Ltd. (Korean private companies)


  1. Evaluation of different greenhouse technologies (Low-tech, Mid-tech, and High-tech) under arid climate.
  2. Optimization of water and energy use of greenhouses under arid climate.
  3. Performance analysis of Korean-style remodeled greenhouses in comparison with local conventional greenhouses in terms of crop productivity and resource use.
  4. The economic viability of Korean-style remodeled greenhouses in comparison with conventional greenhouses.

Project Details

  • Different cropping systems in Korean greenhouse, polycarbonate greenhouse, net house
  • Monitor and analyze the microclimate parameters (temperature, humidity, solar radiation, air velocity) inside greenhouses.
  • Compare different cooling systems technologies.
  • Assess resource use efficiency (water and energy) and crop growth and yield.