Testing potato productivity under arid and saline conditions of UAE


  1. Test the most suitable salt-tolerant potato varieties for growing under arid conditions
  2. Develop best practices and guidelines for growing potato
  3. Modeling irrigation water requirements and crop water productivity

Experiment Details

Sowing date: December 2021


  • No. of Trials: 1
  • Experimental design of each trial: Split plot design in RCBD
  • Main plot treatments : 3 levels of irrigation salinity (A1- Fresh, A2 – 5 dS/m, and  A3- 8 dS/m)
  • Sub main treatments: 4 cultivars of potato (B1, B2, B3, and B4)
  • Replicates: 3
  • Plot size (3x3= 9 m2)