MAWRED: Modeling and Monitoring Agriculture and Water Resources for Development

Problem Overview

Decision-makers in the MENA region need to develop strategic policies and management solutions to meet the challenges of growing water and food insecurity but their efforts are hampered by lack of data. Knowing how much area is under irrigation, what crops are being cultivated, where and how current rainfall and soil moisture conditions compare to historical averages are just some of the questions they need to answer to be able to develop robust and resilient management and operational solutions for the water and agricultural sectors. For strategic planning there is also an urgent need to understand future conditions of climate, water resource availability and possible changes in crop production to direct new policies and investment frameworks.


Empower the MENA region decision-makers in managing food and water security under current and future climate conditions through the provision of new water, crop and climate data.

Research Innovation Theme
Climate Change Impacts and Management
Project SDGs
SDG 1: No poverty
SDG 2: Zero hunger
January 2009 - January 2015
Project Lead
Project Region
Near East and North Africa
Project Countries

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