Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Action, Biodiversity and People in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is situated at the edge of global mangrove distribution characterized by harsh climatic conditions. Carbon sequestration from mangroves and other ecosystems are estimated to be low compared to other tropical climates.

The project’s strategy is to conserve and restore mangrove and other coastal habitats while considering the value of these ecosystems in the context of climate mitigation, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, contribution to climate change adaptation and broader socio-economic benefits.

The project aims to demonstrate the link between coastal ecosystems, climate mitigation, and adaptation while promoting their integration with nature conservation policies. It also seeks to enhance the resilience of selected coastal ecosystems through ecosystem-based management and restoration activities. The feasibility of a national blue carbon accounting mechanism, small-scale nature-based solutions, and a blue financial instrument will be assessed. The project will create opportunities for government, private, and finance sectors to participate in financing nature-based solutions.

The project also aims to help achieve HSBC’s global goal of identifying and removing barriers that impede the scaling of nature-based solutions to climate change. This will contribute to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing climate resilience, and promoting sustainable production of food and materials in thriving economies.

Research Innovation Theme
  • Management of natural resources in marginal environments
  • Climate change modelling and adaptation
Project SDGs
SDG 13: Climate action
SDG 14: Life below water
Local communities in coastal areas of the UAE
January 2022 - March 2025
Project Lead
Project Region
Near East and North Africa
Project Countries
United Arab Emirates
  • Ministry of Climate Change and Environment
  • Ministry of Economy, Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi
  • Government of Umm Al Quwain
  • Emirates Nature - WWF