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Soil forming processes and genetic diversity of Haloxylon aphyllum in the deserts of Uzbekistan

This chapter is focused on the comprehensive analysis of the properties of sand desert soils, the peculiarities of soil formation in different biotopes and genetic diversity of Haloxylon aphyllum in relation to soil-environmental conditions. Genetic analysis based on protein polymorphism showed the pronounced spatial differentiation of intrapopulation genetic structure of H. aphyllum. The highest level of variability of H. aphyllum is observed at the biotopes with a xero-halophytic plant association on the soils with favorable moisture regime and elevated content of humus and nutrients. As a result, such biotopes are characterized by the highest biodiversity which predetermines the stable functioning of arid ecosystems.

Lebedeva M.P., Shuiskaya Ye.V., Toderich K.N.
Publication type: 
Scientific Paper
Publication Source: 
Land resources and food security of Central Asia and Southern Caucasus
Page Number: 
ISBN 978-92-5-009329-1

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