On-call Chef for Halophytic Kitchen Lab program

The International Center for Biosaline Agriculture(ICBA) is an international, non-profit agricultural research center established in 1999 through the visionary leadership of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Fund, the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD), and the Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). ICBA is a unique applied agricultural research center in the world that is focused on marginal areas where an estimated 1.7 billion people live. It identifies, tests and introduces resource-efficient, climate-smart crops and technologies that are best suited to different regions affected by salinity, water scarcity and drought. Through its work, ICBA helps to improve food security and livelihoods for some of the poorest rural communities around the world. ICBA is an equal opportunity employer and appoints qualified staff regardless of race, creed, color, age, gender, religion or national origin. We demonstrate our commitment to each member of our team through a competitive benefits package designed to assist our employees to cover their needs and the needs of their immediate family members.

Job Summary

The Halophytic Kitchen Lab Program aims to raise awareness on healthy nutrition, healthy cooking and nutritional benefits of plants sustainably grown and cultivated in a desert environment. The chef will run the cooking activities while preparing healthy cooking tips and recipes. 

The chef will lead a 3-hour workshop for various audiences, such as school/university students, the corporate sector, etc., at ICBA facilities or external venues, in collaboration with the project team, using sustainably grown ingredients while providing information on desert farming, cooking tips with halophytic/drought-resistant/climate resilient crops, and giving advice on sustainable consumer behavior and healthy cooking habits.Occasionally, the chef may be called to run cooking demonstrations during events. 

When needed, the chef will also be required to provide new recipes with specific ingredients.

Job Responsibilities


  • Prepare a presentation on sustainable cooking methods
  • Develop new recipes with suggested ingredients 
  • Facilitate and conduct cooking sessions for different types of audience 
    Run cooking demonstrations during events


  • Facilitate and conduct cooking / tasting sessions (on-call)
  • Educational material and healthy recipes  
Qualifications and Experience
  • Relevant prior experience.
  • Knowledge on international cuisine.
  • Fluency in English and strong communication skills.
  • Arabic is desirable.
Post Date
15 September 2023
Vacancy Type
Closing Date
Open until filled
Report To
Soil Museum Curator
Job Number
Duration of the assignment
One Year