Dr. Emilia Nordlund

Dr. Emilia Nordlund

Board Member
Research Manager of Industrial Biotechnology and Food, Finland

Dr. Emilia Nordlund has an extensive research career in the development of sustainable food systems. She has worked at VTT Ltd, Finland, on food research for 18 years, leading the Food Solutions research team for 13 years. Currently, she is Research Manager at VTT Ltd, contributing to the development of innovative solutions based on food technology and industrial biotechnology that can generate a positive impact for the industry and society.

Dr. Emilia Nordlund’s scientific expertise lies in plant-based food technologies, and development of novel food processing concepts for efficient and sustainable food chains. She has also explored how cellular agriculture can be used for future food production and studied new ways to support healthy eating by developing new concepts for food delivery and eating, including personalized food innovations.

Dr. Emilia Nordlund also actively contributes to the development of sustainable food systems through her leading role in national and international research projects such as Business Finland, Horizon Europe, EIT-Food, and the Academy of Finland.

She sits on the board of Cereals and Europe (C&E) and is a member of the research association of the Finnish Food Industry (ETS). Over the years, she has built strong partnerships in the food and other related industries in Finland, Europe, and North America.

Dr. Emilia Nordlund has contributed to 87 peer-reviewed scientific publications, as well as 18 non-scientific publications.

She holds a Doctor of Science (technology) degree in bioprocess engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology, as well as an adjunct professor degree in Food Biotechnology from the University of Helsinki.