Eng. Mohammad Jamal Alsaati

Eng. Mohammad Jamal Alsaati

Board Member
Special Advisor to the President, Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), Saudi Arabia

Eng. Mohammad Jamal Alsaati, a Saudi national, is currently serving as a Special Advisor to the President of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB). He is also undertaking other responsibilities including: Chairman of the Business Continuity Management (BCM) Steering Committee; Chairman of the IsDB Waqf (Endowment) Fund Executive Committee; Coordinator of the cooperation program between IsDB and the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen; IsDB Representative with the Arab Funds Coordination Group; and member of some other committees and task forces.

He was appointed in July 2020 as Director General of the IsDB Group’ Regional Hub in the UAE (Center of Excellence for Strategic Partnerships and Resource Mobilization), which is under establishment. In addition to this role, he led the task force on formulation and rollout of a comprehensive action plan for enhancing IsDB’s field presence and decentralization. He has played a pivotal role in coordinating the establishment and operationalization of new IsDB Group country and regional hubs and the enhancement of the field representatives’ program.

After the 2017-18 IsDB organization migration, he was appointed as the Director of the Office of the President, and later as the Director of the Human Resources Management Department (HRMD).

Eng. Alsaati has served in several technical, operational and managerial positions at the Bank since joining in 1998. He previously held the posts of the Director of the Operations Policy and Services Department; the Director of the Country Programs Department covering all member countries; Officer-in-Charge for the Operations Complex in absence of the Vice President (Operations); Officer-in-Charge for the Cooperation & Country Programing (CCP) Complex in absence of the Vice President (CCP); and the Special Advisor to the Vice President (CCP).

As the Director of the Country Programs Department, he led efforts to maintain and strengthen relationships with 57 member countries through economic and social development programs, annual work programs, country strategies, and policy dialogues at country and regional levels.

Prior to joining IsDB, he worked with the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority/International Airports Projects for nearly 13 years. The last position held was the Acting Assistant

Director General for Administrative Affairs/Director of Support Services at King Fahd International Airport in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Eng. Alsaati holds a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from San Jose State University, USA, and a Master degree in Public Administration from University of San Francisco, USA. He also holds a Master degree in Urban and Regional Planning from King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia. He is pursuing a Doctorate degree on a part-time basis.

Eng. Alsaati has been a Board member at the International Center of Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) in Dubai, UAE since 2010. He also served on the Boards of some organizations associated with IsDB. He represented the Bank in several global and regional conferences. He is a member of many international, regional and local professional associations.